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Surgery of Dr Jean-Pierre Naim M.D. in Geneva

Portrait - Dr Jean-Pierre Naim - GenèveA swiss citizen, Jean-Pierre Naim obtained his diploma in medicine at the University of Brussels (Belgium) School of Medicine in 1980.

He has been director-in-chief of the department of medical services for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with diplomatic status, an important specialist agency of the United Nations based in Geneva, until 2010.

Dr Jean-Pierre Naim is interested in complementary and integrative medicine and has been incorporating  techniques from natural treatmentnutrition and holistics, from integrative and regenerative medicine, from anti-aging medicine and from orthomolecular medicine in his daily practice for more than 32 years.

He has organized and still organizes today numerous conferences around the world, in particular on the themes of longevity, anti-aging medicine, environmental medicine,  cardiovascular diseasesnutrition, obesity, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Furthermore, he has also published numerous works dealing with anti-aging medicine and more particularly on the protocols allowing for the boosting of longevity, on  hormone replacement therapy, on the use of bio-identical hormones for aging men and women and on the protocols of telomerase.

Dr Jean-Pierre Naim is one of the most celebrated international experts in the field of anti-aging.

He is the founder and current president of the Swiss Society for Longevity, Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine  (S.S.L.A.R.M.) and deputy secretary-general of the European Society  of Anti-Aging Medicine (S.E.C.L.A.R.M.). He is a member of the American Academy  of Anti-Aging Medicine and director of the World Anti-Aging Academy of  Medicine (W.A.A.A.M.).

At the present time he is family physician practitioner and anti-aging physician within his own medical centre in Champel, Geneva.

Each year, Dr Naim organizes an international congress on the theme of anti-aging medicine in Geneva.

Finally, Jean-Pierre Naim is a member of the Delta network to which 450 associated doctors belong. By affiliating with him, you receive a lower monthly premium and you can consult the gynaecologist and the ophtalmologist of your choice. For other care, if Dr Naim is not able to treat you, you will be issued a voucher allowing you to consult another specialist.

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