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Treating symptoms connected to various medical conditions

Genetic biotechnology: medicine of the new millennium

To prevent and delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's...

Doctor Naim is a world-renowned expert in anti-aging medicine

Thanks to different techniques, he helps you recover an earlier biological age

General medicine

Care for various medical conditions *

We treat all the symptoms related to conditions in the following areas of general medicine:


With medicine but also and above all by conversation, we help you to overcome this state of general exhaustion resulting from chronic stress.


Cure or prevention, we care for all types of heart disease such as arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart failure...


This area touches on the prevention as much as on the cure of the aging of the skin, epidermal damage due to exposure to sunlight, diseases such as psoriasis, lupus...


We look after type I and type II diabetics and treat the consequences and damage caused by this disease, notably at the level of the eyes, the arteries, the lower limbs... We carry out an orthomolecular treatment.


Within our surgery, we treat thyroid conditions, hormonal disorders linked to the menopause or of the andropause, disorders of the adrenal gland...


We treat various eating disorders, stomach complaints, gastritis, collitis, liver disorders...

Geriatrics and gerontology

We also offer care adapted to the specific needs of the elderly.


We care for overweight people and draw up personalized weight-reduction plans for them.

Allergic diseases

We treat all types of issues: eczema, asthma, chronic urticaria, chronic sinusitis and rhinitis...


We guarantee a swift follow-up to strokes, memory disorders, cognitive disorders, behavioural disorders, personality disorders, polyneuritisneuropathy...

Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T. or "ear, nose and throat")

As the name of this area suggests, we treat all the symptoms linked to the ears, to the nose and to the throat: otitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis...


For travellers, we offer complete vaccination plans, according to the countries visited.

* Jean-Pierre Naim also receives children, from the age of 10 up

Practical information

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